8 November 2012 Bozeman Cooking Class

8 November 2012 Bozeman Cooking ClassSouthwest Montana Magazine Features
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Thank you Southwest Montana Magazine for your article this morning featuring one of my recent private Bozeman cooking classes. The class revolved around using herbs and spices. We prepared recipes from the Middle East, India, Europe and the U.S. Here’s the menu and photos from the article.

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation and your recipes. I am going to try to make every single one. Can’t promise I’ll ever be a fan of Brussels sprouts, but I enjoyed everything we had today very much.You did an excellent job of getting it all  together, and when I reviewed the recipes I was surprised at how many different things you prepared. Thanks again for an inspiring experience. I loved it.” LK

Find Your Food Bliss with a Culinary Cooking Class

November 16, 2012 By Editor (Click to read the rest of the story.)

The Menu

Socca with Labneh, Za’atar, Olives & Crudités
8 November 2012 Bozeman Cooking Class

Curried Red Lentil & Sweet Potato Soup Garnished with Cilantro Oil & Scallions

Green Beans with Pine Nuts & Gremolata

Spiced Oranges with Chai Honey Yogurt

8 November 2012 Bozeman Cooking ClassToasted Hazelnut Cookies w/ Cardamom

8 November 2012 Bozeman Cooking Class

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