2 thoughts on “Printer-Friendly Recipe for Braised Carrots and Parsnips

  1. Hi Janice,
    I too loved our mother’s delicious beef stew and your comments brought back very warm memories.
    Try as I may though, don’t remember parsnips – at all!
    Do remember potatoes though, and the smell of the stew cooking.

    Not remembering however, didn’t prevent my purchasing carrots and parsnips this afternoon.
    Expecting rain/snow Saturday – wanted to be prepared!
    Thanks for the recipe and the memories.

    • You made me laugh, Sharon, that you don’t remember the parsnips and they were the highlight for me. I must have eaten most of them. I just remember never knowing if the white vegetable would be a potato or a parsnip–and the delight when it was a parsnip. Glad you prepared yourself for the weekend’s weather. I believe you’ll enjoy the smell of the roasting carrots and parsnips wafting through your home.
      Thanks for writing, Sharon.

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