Changes Afoot As the Season Changeth

Changes Afoot As the Season ChangethChanges Afoot – School’s in Session

Along with the changing of the season, there are other changes afoot. Over the next three months, I’m going back to school. I’ll be tiptoeing in lightly, taking the first few months of YogaMotion’s Yoga Teacher Training. Although it’s something I’ve considered doing for many a year,Changes Afoot As the Season Changeth this seems the right time for me to delve deeper and go beyond yoga as just a great form of exercise. Though, until two weeks ago, I had any number of excuses for not taking that first step.

The next three months
In order to fully engage in what this training offers, I’m taking these months to focus on deepening my yoga practice. What that exactly looks like, changes day by day. At the moment, I’m reading our first required book. Deepak Chopra and David Simon’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga has touched my heart, offering a most welcome “portal to yoga’s deeper spiritual dimension.” Yes.

I’m planning on making time each day for practicing asanas (poses), pranayama (breath work), journal writing and meditation. And that’s along with writing papers, learning anatomy, and studying the yoga sutras. Truthfully, it’s already a lot to fit in, and I’ve only just begun.

No cooking classes this fall
So, here’s where you come in. For those of you who have been asking me what Changes Afoot As the Season Changethand when I’ll be teaching these next few months, I’m not. After a schedule review, I’ve decided not to teach cooking classes this fall.

I’ll begin teaching Healthy Cooking classes once again in January. Unless, of course, I continue with six more months of study to become certified as a yoga teacher. Though, now I’m really getting ahead of myself. One baby step at a time.

The Station Foundation
One cooking class I will be teaching next week is for The Station Foundation. The Station Foundation works to reunite military families and rekindle bonds. They help “warriors and their families navigate the rough terrain of transition and reintegration back to civilian life. Offering experience, strength and hope to individuals as they identify and translate strengths to new arenas.”

I feel honored to have this opportunity to teach the fundamentals of and share the joy of healthy cooking and eating with 10 spouses of Special Operations Forces’ (SOF) veterans.

Weekly blog posts
Between my studying, practice and weekend intensives, there will be fewer blog posts with new recipes. I believe you’d be surprised at just how many hours it takes me to develop and test a recipe, take photos, write the recipe and introduction. And then refine that recipe and introduction and upload it. And then refine everything a number of more times. And, truly you don’t need to know, as I do this each week as a labor of love. It’s been my pleasure having something to offer and share with many thousands of you each month. That alone is its own reward.

You’ve got recipes
Changes Afoot As the Season ChangethThere are about 250 recipes already on this site. That’s a lot of dishes to choose from for meals, snacks, picnics, celebrations, etc. Whether Roasted Orange Bell Pepper Sauce with Black Pasta for Halloween, Braised Turkey and Triple Delish Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving or naturally fermented Giardiniera or other vegetables, condiments and beverages for everyday. Lots of choices and lots of options for making your every day healthy, your every day delicious.

Contact me
As always, please feel free to reach out to me. Ask your questions and send in yourChanges Afoot As the Season Changeth comments. It’s always a delight to hear from you and be of assistance in any way I can.

The journey begins
Thank you, everyone, for your support over the past four years. And now I’m grateful for this long-awaited opportunity. And, excited for the changes afoot to begin in earnest.

12 thoughts on “Changes Afoot As the Season Changeth

  1. Thank you for sharing your news. I will miss your cooking classes, of course, but am very excited to hear you’re pursuing another passion. More power to you! I admire your courage to change things up.

    • Mary, thank you. As it’s the right time, it doesn’t feel courageous at all. 😉 And, Mary, at this point I’m planning on teaching again in January. I hope you’ll be able to join me then.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity! As a student of yoga myself, I always appreciate the various approaches that my teachers bring to the mat. All the best to you as you pursue this journey.

  3. Janice, what a beautiful, informative and open hearted way for you to share this journey with your virtual community. This post is so beautifully written and inspiring I’m wondering if you would consider sharing more of this unfolding journey. No need to use cooking metaphors if that becomes a “stretch”, but so do appreciate the onion imagery. Our journeys are never over and I thank you for sharing your stories thus far. Please do consider sharing more as you deepen into your practice.

    • Maribeth, thank you, I so appreciate you and your comments. Thank you for the suggestion, though I’m uncertain that this is the platform for sharing my yoga journey–perhaps something on the foods I cook to keep me going through the weekend intensives would be appropriate. 🙂

  4. It will be a most wonderful journey, Janice, discovering the depths of yoga through your studies with Nancy. This I know, you have been and will be learning yoga the rest of your life. Like peeling an onion, the layers of yoga go on and on….. (I know, couldn’t resist the food analogy).

    Will miss your delightful, visually and mouth filling recipies….but look forward to your posts and sharing yoga with you. Hugs and happy studies,

  5. So excited to hear you are starting the program. It’s been on my bucket list too – What an amazing journey ahead! Congratulations my friend!

  6. Have fun with Nancy Ruby et al.! I just finished my 9-month journey this May and can’t believe how much I grew and learned. So jealous you’re just at the beginning stages!

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