Edible Gifts from Your Kitchen

Edible Gifts from Your KitchenEdible Gifts Celebrate the Season

Visions of sugar plums, cookies and truffles and jars of fermented mustard and jam. It’s that time of year when if you love to cook, you celebrate the season with a bite of something homemade. Then share these edible gifts from your kitchen with friends and family. As well as with Edible Gifts from YOur Kitchenthose who make your days merry and bright. From the mailman to your hair dresser, doctor, dentist and candlestick maker, homemade gifts are such a lovely and genuine way to express appreciation.

Honey and spice and everything nice
I’ve compiled a list (and checked it at least twice), of some of my favorite recipes for holiday edibles from cookies and truffles to naturally fermented jam and condiments. At the end, I’ve included links for more great cookies and another link for indulgent, do it yourself body care products.

What homemade gifts are you making this year?

Cookies and Truffles (all gluten-free)
Edible Gifts from Your KitchenOther than the Chocolate Roasted Tahini Truffles, these cookies and other truffles travel well. Even after a few days in the mail, when well-packaged, they’ll arrive ready to eat.

Crispy, light and Naturally Sweet Apple Chips
Both a spiralizer or mandoline create the thin slices necessary for the crispest of Apple Chips. These naturally sweet treats are great for giving close to home. For mailing, not so much.

Naturally fermentedEdible Gifts from Your Kitchen by jfhaugen
Naturally fermented condiments make fabulous gifts. Remember to tell the recipients that these items require refrigeration. Make them this weekend, and they’ll be ready for giving in a week.

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Edible Gifts from Your Kitchen