Pi Day is My Day, Too!

Pi Day is My Day, Too!Pi Day – A National Holiday?

On March 12, 2009, the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution recognizing March 14, 2009 as the first National Pi Day.

“Pi appears to be woven into the very fabric of the Universe, popping up every time you look deeper into mathematics and physics.”    Phil Plait

Pi Day is My Day, Too!You may remember from high school geometry that Pi, 3.14 has to do with finding the circumference of a circle. Really, who could forget the formula πr² (Pi r2). March 14, or 3/14, represents the first 3 numbers of Pi when represented in decimal form.

You may have thought (if you even knew about it) that 2014’s celebration of the entire month of March as Pi Month was special. But 2015’s celebration is particularly unique. It is the only day this century that the date is Pi to four decimal places, 3.1415.

And, even more extraordinary, at precisely 9:26:53 (a.m. and p.m.) both the date and the time become Pi to nine decimal places 3.141592653. 😉

Celebrating Pi Day
Pi Day is My Day, Too!Some people will spend Pi Day honoring the physicist Albert Einstein, born on March 14. Others participate in an Einstein look-a-like competition at Princeton University, where Einstein had an office for many years.

And on Saturday’s ultimate Pi Day, I imagine a great many more people will spend a part of the day making and/or eating pie.

My Life with Pi(e)
Pi Day is My Day, Too!But of course I became a pastry chef. So perfect as I, too, was born on March 14th. And until this year, I had never even connected 3/14 with Pi.

Though, without knowing it, in all my years of making pies and tarts savory and sweet, I was celebrating Pi(e) Day almost every day of the year.

A few recipes for pies and tarts in Celebration of Pi Day.

Now, go and enjoy National Pi Day . . . My Day, Too!

Pi Day is My Day, Too!

8 thoughts on “Pi Day is My Day, Too!

  1. Happy belated birthday, Janice. I enjoy all your articles, and this one especially since you discovered that Pi Day is your Birth Day. Thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm shared with us through your postings. Birthday hugs!

  2. Of all your brilliant and beautiful posts, this takes the cake…and the pi(e).
    May you enjoy your birthday with many, many, many more to come!

  3. Happy Birthday Janice!
    A very clever, fun post.
    Love the photos.
    Will you have pie for Pi day?

  4. Happy Birthday, Janice! I did read about Pi day – and see that you posted the picture from the fun & most yummy pie and tart baking class! I printed your post for my daughter to read on her birthday, 3/14/15. A special day for both of you. Celebrate with joy and pi/pie. Hugs,

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