Carrot Ribbon Pasta w/ Creamy Pesto Sauce – Gluten-Free

Carrot Ribbon Pasta w/ Creamy Pesto Sauce – Gluten-FreeCarrot Ribbons Become Pasta in this Dish for All Seasons

A bag of rainbow carrots, one remaining jar of last summer’s pesto in the freezer, and a container of just-made yogurt cheese. All the ingredients for cooking something new: Carrot Ribbon Pasta with Creamy Pesto Sauce. Get ready to be completely amazed. Continue reading

Ratatouille — Classic Provençal Vegetables

Ratatouille — Classic Provençal VegetablesRatatouille — Love At First Bite

Once our exceptionally sweet tomatoes and peppers began to ripen, I added Ratatouille  (rat-ə-TOO-ee) to my soon-to-make list. Finding a gorgeous eggplant and Italiano Largo squash at the farmers’ market, propelled me into action. Continue reading

Potato Salad for July 4th & Beyond

Potato Salad for July 4th & BeyondColorful Potatoes All Dressed Up w/ Mustard Vinaigrette & Fresh Herbs

Tasty and tender red, white & blue fingerling potatoes tossed with garden herbs and a flavorful Mustard Vinaigrette. A color-appropriate and standout potato salad for picnics and barbecues this 4th of July and all through the year. Continue reading

Tossed Green Salad Recipe & Video

Tossed Green Salad Recipe & Video

Tossed Green Salad w/ Crunchy Spring Vegetables & Herbs

Adding crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs makes a tossed green salad as fresh and vibrant as spring itself. Prepare your own dressing for a fresher, lighter and healthier salad.  Continue reading

Montana Gardening Begins Indoors

 Montana Gardening Begins IndoorsPlanting Seeds Inside

Spring comes late in southwest Montana. Recent nighttime lows hovered around 17 degrees—way too cold for most of the veggies and herbs I want to grow. Our growing season averages only about 86 days. So to increase the possibility for a bountiful any harvest, I start germinating a few seeds Continue reading

Savory Zucchini Pancakes w/ Garden Herbs

Savory Zucchini Pancakes w Parsley, Basil, Scallions & ThymeGarden Bountiful

What to do? You’ve got a veritable zucchini factory growing in your garden or perhaps a CSA box with an over abundance of summer squash and you’re Continue reading

Roasted Broccoli Pesto–Part 1 in a Series

Roasted Broccoli & Garlic (c) jfhaugenTo make poignant; to give zest, flavor or interest to;
to set off; to vary and render attractive.

A great definition of sauce from—and a most fitting description of pesto. But it’s still winter and my garden basil is a distant memory and a future dream. What is in abundance Continue reading