Wong’s Place – The Blue Menu

Wong's Place -- The Blue MenuWong’s Place – The Place to be in Tempe

I could hardly wait to eat at Wong’s Place. My friend Celeste calls it “unequivocally the best unassuming Chinese restaurant in Arizona.” And Celeste knows Chinese food. Truly, she doesn’t remember a time in her life when Chinese food wasn’t front and center. As a baby Continue reading

Wrinkled Green Beans – Gingery, Garlicky Good

Wrinkled Green Beans – Gingery, Garlicky GoodWrinkled Green Beans – “Dry-fried” in the Oven without the Mess

On the menu of many Chinese restaurants, classic wrinkled green beans from the Szechuan region of southwestern China remain one of my favorite dishes. “Dry frying” the beans in a wok at home makes quite the mess Continue reading