Linzer Thumbprint Cookies – Sweetened w/ Honey

Linzer Thumbprint CookiesTasty & Healthier Linzer Thumbprint Cookies for Holiday Giving

Cookies top my list of homemade holiday gifts for family and friends. Over the last few days I’ve created a gluten-free Linzer Thumbprint Cookie from the dough of one of the world’s great desserts, the Linzertorte. That their crisp, nutty texture, buttery and lightly-spiced flavor gets even better after a couple of days Continue reading

Triple-Delish Cranberry Sauce

Triple Delish Cranberry SaucePass the Cranberries, Please

The tart and tangy flavor of cranberries provides a festive counterpoint to the rich and savory turkey, stuffing and gravy. Their glossy and glorious redness brightens an otherwise Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cookies—Gluten-Free, Honey-Sweetened, Crisp & Chewy

Peanut Butter Cookies (c) jfhaugenPeanut . . . Peanut Butter!

I love peanut butter and I am not alone. We Americans annually eat 700 million pounds—that’s just over 2 pounds per person per year! Good thing that peanuts, having the qualities of both nuts and legumes Continue reading