Tofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi, Too

Tofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi, TooTofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi — A Primer

Dashi, Japan’s traditional savory soup and cooking stock, requires minimal effort and 45 minutes or less to prepare. Yet it gives culinary staples such as miso soup a nuanced depth of flavor and an authentic taste. After learning the process for making Tofu Wakame Miso Soup during my recent Flavors of Japan Cooking Class, one student commented, Continue reading

Healthy Cooking Classes – Picture Gallery & Spring Menus

Healthy Cooking Classes – Picture Gallery & Upcoming ClassesHealthy Cooking Classes – March and April 2015

“Taking cooking classes is great…. One of the advantages of learning from a human being is that you pick up very subtle things when you’re cooking side by side…That’s hard to learn from a book. One session with a person is worth reading 10 recipe books.” Michael Pollan

March and April’s healthy cooking classes celebrate spring’s bounty. Continue reading

Nashi Pearls & Mandarins (Asian Pears & Tangerines)

Nashi Pearls & Mandarins (Asian Pears & Tangerines)Nashi Pearls – Luscious, Light & Lovely

What a challenge I gave myself. Coming up with a dessert for this Saturday’s Flavors of Japan cooking class wasn’t easy. Classic Japanese meals usually end on a savory rather than sweet note. Although sweets are loved in Japan, they’re more likely to be served with tea in the afternoon. Continue reading

Flavors of Japan – Winter Healthy Cooking Class

Flavors of Japan – Winter Healthy Cooking Class Flavors of Japan – Bozeman, Montana
Saturday, February 28th

Come explore the flavors of Japan. Discover and taste a number of the unique ingredients that make Japanese cuisine so inimitable. Learn to make perfect sushi rice, your own dashi, miso soup and Chirashi Sushi and Kinshi Tamago. Continue reading