Fennel Kraut w/ Daikon & Napa Cabbage

Fennel Kraut w/ Daikon & Napa CabbageTwist on Kraut

One more cultured vegetable condiment to add to your repertoire. I’ve been experimenting these past couple of months with some new recipes; some I liked, others not so much. Out of these experiments comes a really fresh, crisp and lively flavored Fennel Kraut. Continue reading

White Kimchi — Step-by-Step Recipe for Health

White Kimchi Step-by-StepWhite Kimchi—Fresh, Mild & Easy Recipe for Korean Spicy Pickled Cabbage

My mouth begins to water just thinking about my homemade white kimchi. Still amazes me that just a few months ago I had never thought of preparing white kimchi or any other kind of kimchi. Especially since I had only tried it maybe once or twice in my life. Continue reading