Beet Cabbage Borscht One of the World’s Great Soups – Hearty, Sophisticated, Satisfying

Beet Cabbage Borscht – One of the World’s Great Soups Thick and Nurturing Vegetarian Beet Cabbage Borscht –
The Borscht of My Memories

Made hearty and sophisticated with vegetables turned a brilliant violet from the beets, and creamy, rich from sour cream, Beet Cabbage Borscht (bôrSHt) is one of the world’s great soups. Deeply flavored and satisfying vegetarian Beet Cabbage Borscht Continue reading

Radish Soup for Spring – Refreshing, Flavorful & Rosy-Hued

Radish Soup for Spring – Refreshing, Flavorful & Rosy-HuedRadish Soup – The Essence of Spring

An engaging photo of a four-year-old French boy eating an open-faced radish sandwich has lingered in my memory for many years. The photo by Mark Kauffman (©1968 Time, Inc) in the Time Life Book The Cooking of Provincial France introduced me to eating radishes Continue reading

Sweet Corn Chowder – Summer’s Best

Sweet Corn Chowder – Summer’s Best Sweet Corn Chowder – Wonderfully Rich & Chunky

Triple delicious with three layers of fresh corn flavor in every bite. Soup stock made from the shucked cobs. A portion of the corn chowder puréed to thicken the soup. And, nuggets of sweet corn throughout. No wonder Sweet Corn Chowder’s been one of our favorite summer soups Continue reading

Potato Salad for July 4th & Beyond

Potato Salad for July 4th & BeyondColorful Potatoes All Dressed Up w/ Mustard Vinaigrette & Fresh Herbs

Tasty and tender red, white & blue fingerling potatoes tossed with garden herbs and a flavorful Mustard Vinaigrette. A color-appropriate and standout potato salad for picnics and barbecues this 4th of July and all through the year. Continue reading

Tuscan White Bean Soup w/ Kale & Potatoes

Tuscan White Bean Soup w/ Kale & Potatoes Seductively Tuscan

In Italy the land of Amore lies Tuscany the embodiment of romance. Tuscany beckons with its sun-kissed rolling hills, castles, villas and earthy cuisine. Just having the name Tuscan on a dish makes it seductive and especially inviting Continue reading

Healthy Salade Nicoise w/ Salmon — Summer On a Platter

Salade Nicoise w/ Salmon—Summer On a PlatterHealthy Salade Nicoise for Summer’s End

Salade Nicoise exemplifies late summer. The perfect salad while our gardens and farmers’ markets overflow with an abundance of late summer produce. A beautifully composed Salade Nicoise Continue reading

Slow-Cooked Broccoli & Potato Soup

Broccoli Florets (c) jfhaugen

60 Minutes of Slow Cooking Makes the Difference

Broccoli soup can be delicious, though in days past perhaps it was the cream cheese and/or cheddar cheese that made it so. Plus, there was always a concern about cooking it quickly enough so that the color remained bright green and fresh tasting Continue reading