Three Berry Chia Pudding – Smooth, Luscious Raspberry Blackberry Blueberry Pudding

Three Berry Chia Pudding Three Berry Chia Pudding – Blending’s the Secret . . . No Cooking Required

Perhaps, like me, you’ve read the rave reviews about chia puddings. Perhaps, like me, you’ve even made and tried them a few times. And, perhaps like me, they never worked for you. That is until I read this amusing and well-written article by Joe Yonan in the Washington Post. He suggested Continue reading

Raspberry Preserves – The Essence of Fresh Raspberries

Raspberry Preserves – The Essence of Fresh RaspberriesRaspberry Preserves – Raspberrilicious

Fresh raspberries, a little fresh lemon juice and a minimal amount of light honey. Just three ingredients cook quickly together (without added pectin) to create richly colored and intensely flavored preserves. Softly thickened, deeply burgundy essence of raspberries. Continue reading

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt w/ Chunky Raspberry Sauce

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt w/ Chunky Raspberry SauceRaspberry Frozen Yogurt – So Luscious, So Quick

Simply 4 ingredients and 3 steps. That’s all it takes to make this luscious, creamy, deeply colored Raspberry Frozen Yogurt. Such a treat on its own. And even more delicious and de-lovely when topped with a glistening Chunky Raspberry Sauce. Continue reading

Phyllo Tartlets w/ Lemon Curd & Berries

Phyllo Tartlets w/ Lemon Curd & BerriesPhyllo Tartlets – Luscious & Colorful Summertime Treat

Light, crispy and flaky phyllo tartlets paired with a perfectly balanced tart/sweet lemon filling and topped with summer’s best berries. All enhanced with a drizzle (or pool) of deeply flavorful raspberry purée. An easy and attractive summertime treat. Throughout the summer, top the tartlets with other ripe summer fruits. Continue reading

Raspberries — The Simpler the Better

RaspberriesSummer’s First Raspberries 

 Raspberries I so look forward each summer to the delicate texture and intense flavor of just-picked raspberries. And now they’re here. The first of this summer’s raspberries are ripening on the vine and ready for picking. Continue reading

Lemon Curd with Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemon Curd, Shortbread, Coulis, Blackberries (c) jfhaugen

A Beautiful and Most Luscious New Year’s Dessert

“If Cézanne had lived not in France but in Southern California, his still lifes would have overflowed with Meyer lemons. Plump, smooth-skinned, colored an unmistakable dark yellow—canary yellow, the color of egg yolks or the sun at noon—they’re sweeter than other lemons, with an intoxicating aroma that has hints of honey and thyme.” Continue reading