Rhubarb Ginger Chutney – Mild, Chunky, Savory, Sweet & Gingery, Too

Rhubarb Ginger Chutney – Mild, Chunky, Savory and Sweet & GingeryWhen Life Gives you Rhubarb (Lucky You) Make Rhubarb Ginger Chutney

Always say yes when offered fresh spring rhubarb. I say yes, thus our friends with a rhubarb patch share some of their crimson stalks with us each year. About this time every year I search for and experiment with a new recipe. In the past I’ve made rhubarb crisp, sorbet, rhubarb fruit butter, preserves and chutney. Continue reading

Green Rhubarb Preserves-An Experiment

Green Rhubarb Preserves . . . An ExperimentGreen Rhubarb Preserves . . . Color Matters
Or, I
Now Know Why I Prefer the Deepest Red Rhubarb

Among all the crimson stalks of rhubarb, one farmer at Saturday’s market displayed bright green stalks. As an experiment, I bought some to make Green Rhubarb Preserves. My husband was confused.  As if rhubarb wasn’t tart enough, why would I buy green, as in immature, rhubarb? Continue reading

Rhubarb Preserves – Cooked in the Oven

Rhubarb Preserves – Cooked in the OvenRhubarb Preserves – Tart-Sweet and Chunky

Cook Rhubarb Preserves in the oven and you may never make jam or preserves on the stove-top again. Almost effortless and splatter-free oven cooking requires little attention. An occasional gentle stir assures even cooking of the rhubarb and retains its chunky texture. Made from just rhubarb Continue reading

Rhubarb Chutney with Apples, Dates & Ginger

Rhubarb Chutney with Apples, Dates & GingerRhubarb Chutney – Great Eating & Great Gifting

Living with cold winters, the June opening of our local farmers’ markets comes with much excitement. The joy of filling my basket with fresh greens and beets and scapes and scallions makes me heady with anticipation for the delicious meals to come. So arriving home from the Saturday market to learn that dinner with visiting friends was cancelled was a disappointment. Continue reading

Yellowstone Park in Spring – Video

Yellowstone Park in SpringWe Camped, We Hiked, We Ate, We Enjoyed

What a wonderful time of year for camping in Yellowstone Park. Blue skies, lush green meadows, numerous bison herds, elk and bison calves, wildflowers, rushing rivers, long days of sunshine, frosty mornings, erupting geysers. . .and the list goes on. This short video of our camping trip celebrates spring as we enjoyed it this past week in Yellowstone National Park. Continue reading

Celebrate Spring – My First Video

Celebrate Spring - My First Video

Celebrate Spring – Presenting Spring’s Bounty in Image & Recipe

Done! Scroll down to view my very first video. So much fun I’ve had creating this Celebrate Spring video featuring seven healthy and delicious recipes for spring. You’ll also see many of your favorite spring fruit, flower and vegetable portraits in this new video. Continue reading

Rhubarb Strawberry Sorbet

Rhubarb Strawberry Sorbet – Richly Flavored, Creamy TexturedLight ‘n Luscious Rhubarb Strawberry Sorbet – Refreshing as Spring

I started out making rhubarb strawberry granita. Forgetting that granita should be a “semi-frozen” dessert, I tasted it when it was just short of being solidly frozen. The icy, crystallized flakes of crimson fruit brought sighs of disappointment. Fortunately they also inspired creativity. Continue reading