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Fresh Flavors of Early Summer Cooking Class, Saturday, June 24th Bozeman, MontanaFresh Flavors of Early Summer Cooking Class Featuring Fresh Herbs, Fruit, Vegetables and Wild Salmon – just one spot left, is it for you?

As the weather begins to warm, food gets lighter and fresh produce more abundant. Join me in Bozeman, Montana on Saturday, June 24th as we celebrate the bounty and the Fresh Flavors of Early Summer. Improve your cooking skills, taste new foods, expand your repertoire, make Continue reading

Salmon Cakes with Quinoa & Vegetables – Baked Not Fried

Salmon Cakes with Quinoa & Vegetables – Baked Not FriedSalmon Cakes with Quinoa & Vegetables –
Crab Cake’s First Cousins

I’ve had an excellent recipe for crab cakes for many a year. With six cans of wild salmon in the cupboard and nary a flake of crab in the fridge, I had an idea. Perhaps I could replace the crab and make salmon cakes instead. With each bite, we wondered why I hadn’t thought of this before. Sautéed in oil, Continue reading

Gravlax – Honey Mustard Sauce with Fresh Dill

Gravlax – Honey Mustard Sauce with Fresh DillGravlax for Celebrating the New Year in Style

I’m smitten with homemade gravlax, the traditional Scandinavian method of preserving salmon. Gorgeous color. Luscious texture. Delicious flavor. Gravlax reminds me of the lox of my childhood. The lox we would eat Sunday mornings with whipped cream cheese and bagels. Continue reading

Slow Roasted Salmon – Recipe Perfected

Slow Roasted Salmon – Recipe Perfected Slow Roasted Salmon with Swiss Chard and Pesto

Slow roasted salmon ranks high on my list of the best fish I’ve ever eaten. Five years ago, Matt, a private chef in Malibu, awakened my palate to the glories of slow roasted salmon. The salmon had a silken and tender texture with exceptional flavor and color. Armed with the chef’s nominal directions, Continue reading

Healthy Salade Nicoise w/ Salmon — Summer On a Platter

Salade Nicoise w/ Salmon—Summer On a PlatterHealthy Salade Nicoise for Summer’s End

Salade Nicoise exemplifies late summer. The perfect salad while our gardens and farmers’ markets overflow with an abundance of late summer produce. A beautifully composed Salade Nicoise Continue reading

Lemon-Cured Salmon w/ Arugula Pesto

Lemon Cured Salmon w/ Arugula Pesto & Raw Kale, Cabbage & Jicama SaladThank you, Thomas Keller

We enjoyed the most amazing fillet of salmon yesterday with every bite a revelation. The fresh, wild salmon had a firm, tender and moist texture, crisp-skin and subtle lemon flavor Continue reading

Salmon or Corn & Potato Chowder w/ Saffron Broth & Almond Cream

Corn & Potato Chowder (c) jfhaugen

Christmas Eve Chowder

Chowder is ideal for Christmas Eve dinner especially after we’ve all had a number of busy weeks since even before Thanksgiving. Whether it is white or red, with seafood, clams, fish or vegetables, chowder “breathes reassurance…and offers consolation.” Continue reading