Violet Kraut – Naturally Fermented Purple Cabbage Sauerkraut

Violet Kraut – Naturally Fermented Purple Cabbage SauerkrautViolet Kraut – Beautiful, Crunchy, Delightfully Sour

Violet hued purple cabbage sauerkraut stands out from the crowd. Based on its before picture, you’d never guess that Violet Kraut would turn out so gorgeous after fermentation. And that’s gorgeous not just in its color. But in its delightfully sour taste and healthful probiotic bacteria as well. Continue reading

Curtido – Tangy, Sweet, Naturally-Fermented Kraut

Curtido – Tangy, Sweet & Naturally-Fermented KrautCurtido – Homemade Sauerkraut Even Better

More than three years ago I began a search to learn how to make real sauerkraut—naturally-fermented sauerkraut. Many months later I discovered and signed up for a one night class (in Brooklyn, New York of all places). I found another class a month later in Bozeman that taught me a number of other ferments. For the last two years I’ve been making giardiniera and white kimchi, fig jam, mustard, kanji and more. Continue reading