Tofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi, Too

Tofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi, TooTofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi — A Primer

Dashi, Japan’s traditional savory soup and cooking stock, requires minimal effort and 45 minutes or less to prepare. Yet it gives culinary staples such as miso soup a nuanced depth of flavor and an authentic taste. After learning the process for making Tofu Wakame Miso Soup during my recent Flavors of Japan Cooking Class, one student commented, Continue reading

Chirashizushi – Scattered Sushi

Chirashizushi  –  Scattered SushiChirashizushi – Version 2, February 2015

Over the past month my Chirashi Sushi recipe, published almost three years ago, received lots of attention. However, I reviewed and revised that recipe for last Saturday’s Japanese cooking class. And I now want to share the updated version with you as well. Including the change of name. It’s more accurately called Chirashizushi. Continue reading

Baby Bok Choy w/ Shiitake Mushrooms

Baby Bok Choy w/ Shiitake MushroomsStir-Frying Baby Bok Choy & Shiitake Mushrooms

It was a tasty but mushy stir-fry on a recent dark and stormy night that became the proverbial straw. I had forgotten most everything I once knew about stir-frying. Fortunately an email invitation had recently arrived from friend and fellow cooking teacher Linda Huang Continue reading

Chestnut Wild Mushroom Bisque with Cashew Cream

Chestnut Wild Mushroom Bisque with Cashew CreamCelebrate the New Year with a Bowl of Auspicious Soup

Elegant, rich and velvety Chestnut Wild Mushroom Bisque is most auspicious. Prepared with such treasured ingredients as chestnuts, wild mushrooms and cashews, each bowl symbolizes longevity, prosperity, mastery and success in hard times. Truly a most perfect holiday soup for celebrating the New Year 2013. Continue reading

Shiitake Gravy — Extraordinarily Great

Shiitake Gravy — Extraordinarily Great GravyShiitake Gravy — Vegetarian & Gluten-Free or Not

Richly flavored and deeply colored, Shiitake Gravy puts the crowning touch on Thanksgiving Dinner. For a vegetarian feast, prepare the gravy according to the recipe. Continue reading

Miso Vegetable Soup w/ Shiitake, Kale & Soba — Camping Recipe

Miso Vegetable Soup w/ Shiitake Kale & Soba—Camping RecipeCamping, Dining & Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

Idyllic best describes our days of camping in Yellowstone Park. Our campsite had room for at least four tents. Lots of space lay between us and our tent-only neighbors from Germany, France and Minnesota. My outdoor kitchen Continue reading

Chirashi Sushi—Sushi in a Bowl

ChirashiSushi--Sushi in a Bowl (c) jfhaugenFood Art Japanese Style

Beautiful and easy to make—a bowl of sushi rice topped with a number of lovingly prepared and artfully arranged ingredients. Chirashi is translated as “scattered,” Continue reading