Tarte Soleil – Puff Pastry Sun Tart

Tarte Soleil – Puff Pastry Sun TartTarte Soleil with Sundried Tomato Tapenade & Pesto –
Gorgeous, Delicious and Fun to Eat

It’s been at least 6 months since I first saw a picture of a very impressive Tarte Soleil (sun tart). So gorgeous I wanted to make one. After waiting and waiting for the perfect event, I could wait no longer. Last week I offered to bring a Tarte Soleil to dinner with friends that I knew Continue reading

Sun-Dried Tomato & Greek Olive Tapenade

Sundried Tomato Greek Olive TapenadeThe One-Minute Appetizer
It doesn’t get much faster or easier than preparing this recipe for a boldly flavored Sun-Dried Tomato and Greek Olive Tapenade (ta-pen-AHD). Okay it may take a couple of minutes if you count the time for setting out some crackers Continue reading