Chirashizushi – Scattered Sushi

Chirashizushi  –  Scattered SushiChirashizushi – Version 2, February 2015

Over the past month my Chirashi Sushi recipe, published almost three years ago, received lots of attention. However, I reviewed and revised that recipe for last Saturday’s Japanese cooking class. And I now want to share the updated version with you as well. Including the change of name. It’s more accurately called Chirashizushi. Continue reading

Rice Pudding for Wesak

Rice Pudding for Wesak Celebrating Wesak w/ Rice Pudding – Buddha’s Pudding

Could there be a more comforting or welcoming dessert than rice pudding? When made with sushi rice or arborio rice, it becomes especially thick and luscious. Rice pudding has been on my mind of late, as Wesak is approaching here. Continue reading

Chirashi Sushi—Sushi in a Bowl

ChirashiSushi--Sushi in a Bowl (c) jfhaugenFood Art Japanese Style

Beautiful and easy to make—a bowl of sushi rice topped with a number of lovingly prepared and artfully arranged ingredients. Chirashi is translated as “scattered,” Continue reading