Lacto-Fermented Daikon Carrot Pickles – Too Good Not to Share

Lacto-Fermented Daikon Carrot Pickles – Too Good Not to ShareLacto-Fermented Watermelon Radish,
Purple Daikon & Carrot Pickles

The most beautiful naturally fermented pickle I’ve ever seen. They start out gorgeous in the jar, purple and orange with strikingly pink centered watermelon radishes. As fermentation continues, all the vegetables turn shades of pink. We now have Pickled Pink Lacto-Fermented Daikon Carrot Pickles. Continue reading

Naturally Fermented Kohlrabi Carrot Pickles ♪♫• Kohlrabi, Oh Oh ♪♫•

Naturally Fermented Kohlrabi Carrot Pickles Naturally Fermented Kohlrabi Carrot Pickles – Crisp and Bright

After brining with spices and water and left to ferment for 4-5 five days, you’ll have probiotic-rich and flavorful, naturally fermented Kohlrabi Carrot Pickles. These crisp and bright-tasting pickles add a welcome crunch when tossed into salads, layered in sandwiches, Continue reading

Giardiniera – Your Next Favorite Ferment

Giardiniera Your Next Favorite Fermentjar-dhi-nair-ah – Italian Pickled Vegetables

So much news lately regarding kimchi—Korea’s super tasty, super healthy, naturally fermented national dish. I’ve recently shared a recipe for White Kimchi with you. Then two recipes featuring kimchi: a tempting Kimchi Fried Rice and a light and satisfying Kimchi Omelet.Today, however, you’re meeting your new favorite ferment, giardiniera.

Continue reading

Kvass w/ Beets, Carrots & Ginger – Supertonic & Super Beverage

Beet/Carrot/Ginger Kvass – Supertonic & Super BeverageCultured Kvass – A Taste Worth Acquiring

“Fermentation January” continues. Today I’m adding the cultured beverage known as kvass to our repertoire of health-supporting, fermented and unheated foods. Perhaps you’re already familiar with this gorgeous violet-hued superfood and supertonic. Eastern Europeans have long revered Continue reading

Yoghurt Cheese – Labneh, a Great Beginning to Thanksgiving

Homemade Yoghurt Cheese & Whey – LabnehHomemade Yoghurt Cheese & Whey

Until two Saturday’s ago I knew nothing about whey and nothing about yoghurt cheese. An all day workshop on fermentation changed that. I’ve now made three batches of creamy yoghurt cheese Continue reading