Blueberry Toasted Pecan Pancakes with Chunky Applesauce

Blueberry Toasted Pecan Pancakes with Chunky ApplesauceBlueberry Toasted Pecan Pancakes – Light, Fluffy & Gluten-Free

By golly, I did it! And now you, too, can make these light, fluffy and very tasty gluten-free Blueberry Toasted Pecan Pancakes. Just last week I shared my disappointment with you. Replacing the whole wheat flour with a very high-end gluten-free flour mix made pancakes so awful Continue reading

A Buttery, Whole-Wheat Pie Crust

Fluted Crust Ready to be Baked (c) jfhaugenA Crust for All of Your Pies & Tarts

As promised, here’s the recipe for a tender, light, flaky and mostly whole-wheat crust for all of your pies and tarts throughout the year. Made from both unbleached white and whole wheat pastry flours for a richer flavor, this crust is easy to prepare in a food processor, stand mixer or by hand. Because of its high butter content, be sure to use cold butter, work quickly in a cool kitchen and chill the dough before rolling it out. Today’s post focuses on a fluted-edge bottom crust—perfect for Pumpkin Pie. For more options see pages 76-81 in my book Fruit-Sweet & Sugar-Free. Continue reading