Journey of Discovery – Appreciating a Sacred Illness

Journey of Discovery – Appreciating a Sacred IllnessMy Journey of Discovery Required Soup
and Delving Into the Pain

Two months ago I was on a roll—cooking and writing, teaching yoga, feeling great. And then I wasn’t. That’s when debilitating back pain brought me to my knees. My journey of discovery these past couple of months involved delving into the pain to appreciate this sacred illness. Continue reading

Mission Accomplished ♥ ♥ ♥

Mission Accomplished . . . Mission Accomplished . . . I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher

It’s truly Spring. Over 80 degrees today on our east facing patio. The soil finally warm enough to plant our tomatoes and basil. Everyone seems to love spring. A time of new beginnings and so much potential in the garden and in life. For me, this year it means mission accomplished. Continue reading

Yoga Teacher Training … Celebrating the Journey

Yoga Teacher Training … Celebrating the Journey Yoga Teacher Training This Video Tells it All

Last September my life changed rather dramatically. As I mentioned, I signed up for a 9-month long yoga teacher training with YogaMotion. I’d practiced asanas as exercise since 2000. And almost took the teacher training twice, but the timing wasn’t right. Continue reading

Turkish Carrot Lentil Stew – Savory, Sweet & Spicy

Turkish Carrot Lentil Stew Turkish Carrot Lentil Stew with Meyer Lemon Yogurt Sauce

There’s an unusually synchronistic backstory behind today’s Turkish Carrot Lentil Stew. It begins with a yoga teacher training assignment to choose three words to describe how I want to feel when I practice and share yoga. My three words have the acronym SAJ. Continue reading

Changes Afoot As the Season Changeth

Changes Afoot As the Season ChangethChanges Afoot – School’s in Session

Along with the changing of the season, there are other changes afoot. Over the next three months, I’m going back to school. I’ll be tiptoeing in lightly, taking the first few months of YogaMotion’s Yoga Teacher Training. Although it’s something I’ve considered doing for many a year Continue reading