Fig Jam w/ Yogurt Cheese and Apples

Fig Jam — from Dried Black Mission & Calimyrna FigsUncooked, Fermented & Easy-to-Prepare Fig Jam from Dried Figs

Make 2013 healthier than ever. Introduce homemade fermented foods into your diet. This month I’ll share recipes for easy-to-make fig jam and country-style mustard as well as my very favorite white kimchi. These enzyme and nutrient-rich foods are easily digested and highly beneficial Continue reading

Yoghurt Cheese – Labneh, a Great Beginning to Thanksgiving

Homemade Yoghurt Cheese & Whey – LabnehHomemade Yoghurt Cheese & Whey

Until two Saturday’s ago I knew nothing about whey and nothing about yoghurt cheese. An all day workshop on fermentation changed that. I’ve now made three batches of creamy yoghurt cheese Continue reading

Spiced Oranges & Spiced Orange Syrup

Spiced Oranges (c)jfhaugenOrange You Glad It’s Time for Dessert?

Growing up in Southern California, always available sweet, ripe oranges were a way of life and completely taken for granted. I gave them nary a thought until I moved to London to attend the Cordon Bleu. Oh my! Small, green and sour were the only “oranges” around. Continue reading