6 thoughts on “Maple-Pumpkin Pie

  1. Could it be that because I have a Mac that the recipe is not showing up? I see the photo of the maple pumpkin pie and click on it and all I get is a page that asks for me to leave a reply – or when I click on the picture it takes me to another page that is not related. Wonder if anyone else is having this difficulty?

    • Chaka, I am wondering if you saw my reply to you last night. I included a link to the recipe. Also, clicking on a photo won’t lead you to a recipe, irregardless of the type of computer you are using. You will want to click on the name of the post, rather than the photo. Click on Maple Pumpkin Pie and you’ll go right to the recipe.

    • Thanks so much for your patience. I was able to open the recipe and print it out with the links you sent me.

      I’ll let you know how it turned out.

      Happy Thanksgiving..

      With Gratitude…


  2. I would like a copy of your Maple Pumpkin Pie. When I click on the photo of it I just get this page, no recipe and a “leave a reply”. I am able to access other recipes but not this one.

    Appreciate your beautiful website and recipes.

    Happy Thanksgiving..

    • Thank you, Chaka for writing. If you go to the post for the Maple Pumpkin Pie and scroll down to the very bottom of the recipe. There is a bold sentence asking you to click on the word “recipe” which will take you to the pdf of the recipe which you can then easily print out. Hope this helps, and may you also enjoy a healthy and delicious Thanksgiving.

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