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I’ve authored five cookbooks, under the name Janice Feuer. It is easy to track my culinary direction through their titles, from Chocolate Decadence to Virtuous Vanilla to Fruit-Sweet & Sugar-Free!

Each of the books is still available, although only one of them, Fruit-Sweet & Sugar-Free, remains in print. Click on the title of each book to be taken to its Amazon page for purchase and to learn more about the individual books. And, click here to be taken to my author page to learn more about me.

Fruit-Sweet & Sugar-FreeFruit-Sweet & Sugar-Free is a beautiful book with full-color photographs and numerous line drawing and baker’s tips. Great for anyone wanting to stop using refined white sugar as the instructions for substituting liquid sweeteners–whether agave, maple syrup, honey or fruit sweetener–are excellent. Many delicious recipes that have stood the tests of time and taste.



Sweets for Saints & SinnersSweets for Saints & Sinners was based on recipes from my first job as a pastry chef. It was here, working full-time with sugar that I began to experience some of the symptoms of too much sugar, and actually thought I had some psychological problems because of my extreme mood swings. These are classic recipes–just be warned that you may want to reduce the amount of sweetener 😉

Chocolate DecadenceChocolate Decadence
, my very first book. One fabulous recipe featuring a pound of chocolate and one tablespoon each of sugar and flour. Yes, I named and created this cake. A classic which many have copied and some have claimed. Whatever….  My dear friend Veronica di Rosa did the line drawings for the series and for “Sweets.” And another dear friend, Rebecca Martinez designed the books and made sure they were as beautiful to behold as the recipes delicious.

Sinful StrawberriesSinful Strawberries, is the second in the series featuring an incredible creation of meringue Japonais, strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream, wow! It really is delicious.

The three books sold individually as well as all together in a beautiful red box with the title Sweet Mouthfuls printed in gold on the cover.


Virtuous VanillaAnd then there is Virtuous Vanilla, the end of the trilogy. I was way into healthier desserts by this time–though from the recipe, my idea then of healthier was not the same as it is today. A large round of cream-puff pastry filled with whipped cream and glazed with apricot jam topped with sliced, toasted almonds–ethereal.


4 thoughts on “Books by Janice Feuer Haugen

  1. Omigosh, I’m so glad I found you, Ms. Feuer! I have loved your Sweets & Sinners cookbook since the early 1980s, when I was an editorial assistant at Woman’s Day Magazine and got my hands on a copy. I have made many things from it over the years, but just this morning, I made the blueberry jam. I didn’t have a candy thermometer, so just followed what you said regarding about 30 minutes. I cut back the sugar because my husband and I have some sugar worries. It is delicious! You are so wonderful. I hope to buy some of the other titles you show here. I blog every day, and write for magazines and websites….I am so honored to finally “meet” you. Are you in the NY area? I’m in Montclair, NJ. Thank you. Sincerely, Alice Hurley

    • Alice, thank you for writing. Your comments have certainly made my day. That book was written during my days of cooking with lots and lots of sugar–so I totally applaud your making the blueberry jam with less (and everything else, for that matter). I don’t live in the NY area. . .though some of our family live in Maplewood, which I believe is near you. I look forward to reading your blog, Alice as your title describes my life’s search as well. May your every day be healthy and delicious, Janice

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