Mission Accomplished ♥ ♥ ♥

Mission Accomplished . . . Mission Accomplished . . . I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher

It’s truly Spring. Over 80 degrees today on our east facing patio. The soil finally warm enough to plant our tomatoes and basil. Everyone seems to love spring. A time of new beginnings and so much potential in the garden and in life. For me, this year it means mission accomplished. Last weekend I received my certificate for completing nine months—260 hours of yoga teacher training.

Thank you everyone for your support over these past months of the training. Despite my almost leaving the program a number of times, I stayed with it and completed the training last weekend. What a tremendous weekend it was. The training ended with my heart overflowing with love and gratitude for my fellow graduates, and especially for Nancy Ruby, educator extraordinaire. Such a safe space she created and held for us. A space that challenged us while allowing us each to struggle and grow and emerge as a new version of ourselves.

Mission Accomplished . . .That’s Nancy, bottom left, in the front row. And, five-feet-four-inch me in the back row. Thought I’d try something different. Experiencing a bit of joy standing there amongst the taller folks.

For me, one of the unexpected benefits of this training was realizing how set in my ways I’d become, with my “tea cup overflowing.” Such a boon to try on a new mindset, a new openness to life. Especially, at this time in my life when I’m long past my 20’s.

“Despite an unexpected learning curve (or perhaps because of it) during the first few months, there have been great aha moments, and much joy amidst the challenges. Along with clarity and deep release and a bit of emptying of my cup. It has been life changing and enlivening and has allowed me to learn about and partake of a fuller experience of the essence of yoga.”

Good-bye, Gene
Mission Accomplished . . . And just a few days later, my always smiling, quick-to-laugh, history buff, gardener, retired police sergeant, and very special brother-in-law, Gene, made his transition.

It had been a difficult year for him living with cancer and the side effects of conventional treatments. He chose to stay in the present. His mantra: take one day at a time and always expect a miracle. Mission accomplished. Gene carried on with good humor and much love and gratitude for his beautiful wife, my sister, Sharon.

Paul and I are in Arizona, honoring Gene and bringing support and comfort to my sister.

More recipes to come
It may be a week or two before I offer you some new recipes, including two chutneys that brighten everything you serve them with. I look forward to sharing them with you. And, to begin teaching cooking classes once again as well.

May you enjoy a most beautiful Spring, a stepping stone
for new opportunities just around the corner.

6 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished ♥ ♥ ♥

  1. 🕉Namaste Dear Janice,
    From my heart to you…….So sad to hear of your brother-in-law’s passing. Blessings & comfort upon his soul, & to you, your sister and family.
    Was thinking of you & beautiful Kwan Yin recently. Great news that you are now a certified yoga instructor. It is a valuable practice with so many benefits. Enjoy teaching and sharing the bliss of yoga!
    Peace & Aloha,

  2. Janice, I am so sorry for your loss. I thought something when you weren’t with us on Wednesday in our sacred space! So, so sorry.

    And, of course, congratulations for finishing teacher training! I’m so proud of you, you’re the greatest! 🙂

  3. Huge congratulations!!!!! I’ve been blessed with your wonderful teaching and look forward to lots more!!! Much love!

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