Celebrate Early Fall Flavors Cooking Class – Cooking with the Seasons in Bozeman, Montana

Celebrate Early Fall Flavors Cooking Class Celebrate Early Fall Flavors Cooking Class
Saturday, September 23, 2017, 10:30 – 2:00

We still have a month to reap the benefits of summer’s long, warm growing season. So many of the glorious foods of late summer are still with us as we transition into early fall: yellow, red, green and purple vine-ripened tomatoes, luscious sweet corn, and an abundance of summer Continue reading

Chunky Applesauce = Homemade Goodness

Chunky Applesauce = Homemade GoodnessChunky Applesauce You Make Yourself

Warning: homemade thick and chunky applesauce bears little resemblance to
the thin and sugar-sweetened commercially made applesauce.

We celebrated my husband’s New Year’s Day birthday over brunch with friends.This year he asked for my Blueberry Toasted Pecan Whole Wheat Pancakes with Chunky Applesauce. Continue reading

Chocolate Decadence – The Original Recipe

Chocolate Decadence – The Original RecipeChocolate Decadence – Celebrate with Chocolate

Here’s the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. The cake recipe I adapted, named Chocolate Decadence and wrote a book about, is as delicious now as it was then, in the mid 70’s. Perhaps even more delicious, now that such wonderful chocolate abounds. Made with a pound of chocolate, Continue reading

Ratatouille — Classic Provençal Vegetables

Ratatouille — Classic Provençal VegetablesRatatouille — Love At First Bite

Once our exceptionally sweet tomatoes and peppers began to ripen, I added Ratatouille  (rat-ə-TOO-ee) to my soon-to-make list. Finding a gorgeous eggplant and Italiano Largo squash at the farmers’ market, propelled me into action. Continue reading

Healthy Salade Nicoise w/ Salmon — Summer On a Platter

Salade Nicoise w/ Salmon—Summer On a PlatterHealthy Salade Nicoise for Summer’s End

Salade Nicoise exemplifies late summer. The perfect salad while our gardens and farmers’ markets overflow with an abundance of late summer produce. A beautifully composed Salade Nicoise Continue reading