Fermentation Workshop this Saturday, March 30th — Register Today

Fermentation Workshop this Saturday, March 30th — Register Today! Fermentation Workshop Received Rave Reviews

“What a delightful, informative time spent learning about fermentation. The White Kimchi with Black Fried Rice and Poached Egg was delicious…the fig jam (so creamy, yummy), Giardiniera, crispy nuts, on and on, all the delicious fermented Continue reading

Kimchi Omelet w/ Kale & Green Onion

Kimchi Omelet w/ Kale & Green OnionQuick & Easy Kimchi Omelet

Kimchi Omelet — a totally new idea to me.  My sister, Sharon, sent me to David Lebovitz’s blog to learn about making one. What most impressed me—besides loving this quick and delicious way to eat kimchi—was David’s simple and fuss-free technique for preparing omelets Continue reading

Fermentation Workshops – March 23rd & 30th

Fermentation Workshops – March 23rd and 30thHealthy Cooking Classes in Bozeman

Create delicious and probiotic-rich fermented foods in your own kitchen. Explore the how-to techniques, equipment and basics of vegetable fermentation in my upcoming fermentation workshops. Taste a variety of fermented foods from beverages to condiments Continue reading

Kimchi Fried Rice w/ Greens & Poached Eggs

Kimchi Fried Rice with Greens & Poached Eggs – Vegetarian Meal-in-a-Bowl Kimchi Fried Rice – a Vegetarian Meal-in-a-Bowl

Now that you’ve made White Kimchi, it’s time to spice up your fried rice with it. Ubiquitous throughout South Korea, Kimchi Fried Rice translates well across the oceans. If like me you love the ease and comfort of one-bowl meals, you’ll enjoy the flavors, heat, nurturing and nutritious qualities of this fried rice, especially with the addition of the greens and poached eggs. Continue reading

Yoghurt Cheese – Labneh, a Great Beginning to Thanksgiving

Homemade Yoghurt Cheese & Whey – LabnehHomemade Yoghurt Cheese & Whey

Until two Saturday’s ago I knew nothing about whey and nothing about yoghurt cheese. An all day workshop on fermentation changed that. I’ve now made three batches of creamy yoghurt cheese Continue reading