Garden Vegetable Minestrone Soup Topped with Pesto

Garden Vegetable Minestrone – Colorful, Thick and Satisfying

I know, it’s odd to feature a recipe for soup when it’s so hot outside. But soup’s what I’d been cooking before the weather turned hot. And, fortunately, it will cool down again. And then you’ll be glad to have this tasty and satisfying Garden Vegetable Minestrone in your recipe collection. Continue reading

Sweet Potato Leek Soup with Fresh Spinach

Sweet Potato Leek Soup with Fresh SpinachSweet Potato Leek Soup – Creamy & Chunky

Three gorgeous long, white leeks and a five-pound bag of organic yams gave me an idea. I’d make my favorite Country-Style Leek & Potato Soup with sweet potatoes and yams instead of russets and Yukon golds. Until I looked online, I was sure this was an original idea. Continue reading

Farro Vegetable Stew

Farro Vegetable StewFarro Vegetable Stew —“Ridiculously Yummy”

Comfort foods continue their reign. This recipe for an easy and very nurturing one-pot Farro Vegetable Stew has become a favorite. Mid-August, Beth, our Brooklyn daughter-in-law wrote: “I have discovered a recipe that I am currently a little obsessed with, and I think you might enjoy…it’s about the easiest thing ever and is kind of ridiculously yummy!”  Continue reading

Black Rice Risotto w/ Arborio, Leeks & Roasted Butternut Squash

Black Rice Risotto w/ Arborio, Leeks & Roasted Butternut SquashBlack Rice Risotto — Comfort Food Just In Time for Halloween

Black Rice Risotto prepared with wonderfully chewy and aromatic Italian Venere rice seems like stirring a witch’s cauldron. The rice’s deep black hue and risotto’s requisite long, slow simmering complete the illusion. Continue reading

Roasted Buttercup Squash Soup — Easy, Vegan

Roasted Buttercup Squash Soup w/ Leeks, Fresh Rosemary & ThymeRoasted Buttercup Squash Soup—Deeply Nurturing, Richly Textured

It was a dark and stormy late summer morning. The wind was blowing the blinds and clanging the chimes. We turned the heat on for the first time in months. Soup, hot comforting soup Continue reading

Asparagus, Leek & Spinach Frittata

Asparagus, Leek & Spinach Frittata“Olive oil … asparagus … if your mother wasn’t so fancy,
we could shop at the gas station like normal people.”

Homer Simpson

I said I wouldn’t do it
Last week I wrote that while I turned my attention to gardening, my postings would only be once a week . . . unless I couldn’t help myself Continue reading

Country-Style Leek & Potato Soup

Leek & Potato Soup (c) jfhaugen

Soup, Beautiful Soup

Warm and comforting soup really is beautiful, especially now that the weather has become cooler (and as I look out my office window, snowy as well). Soup can also be extremely healthy as it is so easy to digest and almost all the nutrients stay in the broth. Continue reading