Hummus – Healthy & Delicious

Hummus – Healthy & DeliciousHummus – Dip, Spread, Snack, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Make your own hummus as rich, thick, creamy and flavorful as you like. Though readily available in most grocery and convenience stores, delis and buffets, hummus tastes so much better when homemade. Besides being ready to eat in twenty minutes, you get to choose the quality of each ingredient and the final texture and taste.

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Tossed Green Salad Recipe & Video

Tossed Green Salad Recipe & Video

Tossed Green Salad w/ Crunchy Spring Vegetables & Herbs

Adding crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs makes a tossed green salad as fresh and vibrant as spring itself. Prepare your own dressing for a fresher, lighter and healthier salad.  Continue reading

Montana Gardening Begins Indoors

 Montana Gardening Begins IndoorsPlanting Seeds Inside

Spring comes late in southwest Montana. Recent nighttime lows hovered around 17 degrees—way too cold for most of the veggies and herbs I want to grow. Our growing season averages only about 86 days. So to increase the possibility for a bountiful any harvest, I start germinating a few seeds Continue reading