Chocolate Roasted Tahini Truffles – Rich, Dark, Distinctive

Chocolate Roasted Tahini Truffles – Rich, Dark, DistinctiveChocolate Roasted Tahini Truffles – Thank You, Brooks Headly

Reading pastry chef Brooks Headley’s article touched my heart. He and the other chefs at New York’s Del Posto restaurant respond with compassion and creativity to guests with food allergies. “… no judgment on our part … none of us working the line freaked out, no one cracked wise ….”  Continue reading

Dukkah Duqqa Who’s Got the Dukka?

Dukkah Duqqa Who’s Got the Dukka?Dukkah – the More You Eat, the More You Want

Egypt’s popular aromatic nut and seed blend. Go beyond dukkah’s (pronounced doo’ kah) traditional use as a bread dipper with good olive oil. Dukkah also delivers its exotic flavors and crunchy texture when sprinkled on hummus, green salads and vegetables, grains and legumes of every kind. Continue reading

Cucumber Salad w/ Ginger, Toasted Sesame Oil

Cucumber Salad w/Ginger & Toasted Sesame Oil

Cool as a Cucumber Salad

Two pounds of short and chubby cucumbers helped fill my basket to overflowing. These crisp and tasty farmers’ market beauties were destined for a Cucumber Salad from Ottolenghi’s cookbook, Plenty. Once home, I was so excited to get cooking, I charged ahead without taking a moment to read through the recipe in advance. Continue reading

Jade Salad w/ Broccoli, Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps & Sobas

Jade Salad w/ Broccoli, Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps & SobasOne Lucky Duckling

A mallard duck made her nest just under my office window aside our delphiniums. She sat patiently for a month. We only saw her move to adjust her position. Each day I would stop and look Continue reading