Parsley Farro Salad w/ Red Pepper, Cashews & Feta

Parsley Farro Salad with Red Pepper, Cashews & FetaParsley Farro Salad – Variation on a Theme of Tabouli

With an abundance of vibrant green and nutrient-rich flat leaf and curly parsley still growing in our garden, I wanted to try something new. Leafing through Ottolenghi and Tamimi’s Jerusalem, I found my answer. Their Parsley & Barley Salad, a fall variation on tabouli, called for lots of parsley. Continue reading

Apricot Cherry Almond Crumble

Apricot Cherry Almond Crumble Apricot Cherry Almond Crumble from Summer’s Stone Fruit

Apricot Cherry Almond Crumble has all the juicy deliciousness of a pie in half the time. Velvety, smooth and tart-sweet golden-orange apricots contrast beautifully in color and taste with deep burgundy sweet cherries. Baked together they create a most gorgeous and luscious filling. Continue reading

Quince & Apple Crumble

Quince & Apple CrumbleAppreciating Quince

With their enticing fragrance and complex flavor, quince surely deserve even wider appreciation. A common fruit in the Middle East, throughout the Mediterranean and in parts of South America. Yet here in North America they can be difficult to find. They’re considered a “specialty food” Continue reading

Cranberry Hazelnut Biscotti — Gluten & Dairy Free

Cranberry Hazelnut Biscotti—Gluten & Dairy-Free Cranberry Hazelnut Biscotti for Holiday Giving

Did you know that classic Italian biscotti (bee/SKOHT/tee) traveled the seas with Columbus? While Cranberry Hazelnut Biscotti aren’t exactly the same as those biscotti, they are twice baked to remove excess moisture. It’s the twice baking Continue reading

Thanksgiving Tips – Checklist – Recipes

Thanksgiving Tips, Checklist & RecipesNine Thanksgiving Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

Such a great holiday celebrating family, friends and food. Lots of glorious food. Yet the anxiety and pressure to get that food on the table on time and beautifully presented often blurs the gratitude aspect of Thanksgiving. With a bit of planning, even the cook(s) will enjoy a relatively calm and relaxed Thanksgiving Day. Continue reading

Farro Vegetable Stew

Farro Vegetable StewFarro Vegetable Stew —“Ridiculously Yummy”

Comfort foods continue their reign. This recipe for an easy and very nurturing one-pot Farro Vegetable Stew has become a favorite. Mid-August, Beth, our Brooklyn daughter-in-law wrote: “I have discovered a recipe that I am currently a little obsessed with, and I think you might enjoy…it’s about the easiest thing ever and is kind of ridiculously yummy!”  Continue reading

Veggie Patties w/ Quinoa, Black Beans & Lots of Veggies

Veggie Patties w/ Quinoa, Black Beans & Lots of VeggiesPerfect Vegan Veggie Patties

What a treat. Tasty, moist, gluten and dairy-free veggie patties that hold together well. Fabulous on a slice of garden tomato topped with pesto. Great as a burger on a bun with mustard or ketchup and all the fixings. Continue reading