Tofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi, Too

Tofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi, TooTofu Wakame Miso Soup and Dashi — A Primer

Dashi, Japan’s traditional savory soup and cooking stock, requires minimal effort and 45 minutes or less to prepare. Yet it gives culinary staples such as miso soup a nuanced depth of flavor and an authentic taste. After learning the process for making Tofu Wakame Miso Soup during my recent Flavors of Japan Cooking Class, one student commented, Continue reading

Wong’s Place – The Blue Menu

Wong's Place -- The Blue MenuWong’s Place – The Place to be in Tempe

I could hardly wait to eat at Wong’s Place. My friend Celeste calls it “unequivocally the best unassuming Chinese restaurant in Arizona.” And Celeste knows Chinese food. Truly, she doesn’t remember a time in her life when Chinese food wasn’t front and center. As a baby Continue reading

Tofu Almond Cream w/ Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries… and your heart be as soft as tofu.
~ From a Chinese Proverb

Fraise de bois
A number of summers ago I was hiking in the mountains near Yellowstone Park. I began to smell strawberries; I mean really smell strawberries, essence of strawberries Continue reading

Roasted Asparagus & Creamy Roasted Asparagus Vinaigrette

First Daffodil of 2012

“A host of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”

William Wordsworth

It’s Spring in Montana
Can you believe the vibrant color of these, our first daffodils? They have just bloomed and are a most welcome Continue reading

Paneer Curry w/ Tomatoes, Kale & Peas

Paneer Curry with Tomatoes, Kale & Peas (c) jfhaugenThe Spice of Life

Aah, the wonderful flavors and smells of Indian spices all come together in Paneer Curry with Tomatoes, Kale and Peas, with its delicious balance of spices and veggies and colors and textures. Continue reading