Kale Tabouli with Pear Walnut & Pomegranate

Kale Tabouli with Pear Walnut & PomegranateKale Tabouli Salad – Refreshing, Festive & Flavorful

The jewel-like sparkle of Kale Tabouli, along with its ease of preparation, makes it an ideal salad for Thanksgiving and beyond. Kale Tabouli’s bright flavors from juicy pears, crunchy walnuts and sweet/tart pomegranate seeds provide a great counter to all the richness of Continue reading

Thanksgiving On Your Mind? Ready Set Go

Thanksgiving On Your Mind?9 Things To Do Right Now to Ease the Thanksgiving Crunch

This is your year to enjoy Thanksgiving as much as or even more than your guests. This is the year you promised yourself you wouldn’t wait until the last minute. Start early and you’ll ease ease the Thanksgiving crunch. Here are 9 things you can begin doing today Continue reading

Parsley Scallion Pesto for Fall, Winter and Throughout the Year

Parsley Scallion Pesto for Fall, Winter and Throughout the YearParsley Scallion Pesto with Roasted Delicata Squash

With a 29 degree evening forecast last week, the remaining parsley and scallions in our garden had to be harvested. Loving fresh pesto and knowing I’d soon have lots of parsley, I had a parsley pesto recipe at hand just waiting for this day. I saw the recipe on the cover of the small pamphlet Continue reading

Escabeche – Lacto-Fermented Chili Peppers

Escabeche – Lacto-Fermented Chili PeppersEscabeche – 4 Pints of Pickled Peppers and Vegetables

During this summer’s “Downtown Crazy Days,” a friend and I stopped at Bozeman’s newest taco truck for a lunch break from all the bargain shopping. Actually, it’s not a truck. Rather a vintage Spartan trailercoach. One end of the trailercoach serves up genuine, homemade ice cream. Continue reading

Apple Pear Crisp — Easier than Pie

Apple Pear Crisp — Easier than Pie Apple Pear Crisp Made in My Mom’s Vintage Baking Dish

Apples and pears baked with orange juice and zest. Top the Apple Pear Crisp with crumbly spiced walnuts, honey, butter and oats and you have one of fall’s most perfect desserts. A fruit crisp, so much easier than making a pie. Yet all the same delicious, tender bites and homey fall Continue reading

Late Summer Salad with Spiralized Veggies

Late Summer Salad with Spiralized VeggiesLate Summer Salad with Tomato-Basil Vinaigrette & Spiralized Veggies

Sweet and juicy Juliet and Sun Gold tomatoes continue to ripen on our two tomato plants. Huge carrots and fresh basil surround them. And local summer squash and zucchini can still be found at the local market. Until we get a freeze, here’s a tasty Late Summer Salad Continue reading

Changes Afoot As the Season Changeth

Changes Afoot As the Season ChangethChanges Afoot – School’s in Session

Along with the changing of the season, there are other changes afoot. Over the next three months, I’m going back to school. I’ll be tiptoeing in lightly, taking the first few months of YogaMotion’s Yoga Teacher Training. Although it’s something I’ve considered doing for many a year Continue reading